Friday, February 27, 2009

Storm Shortcut

One Great Shortcut for the Storm is to...


A Shortcut menu will pop up which will allow you to easily go from one app to another seamlessly.

This will also show you what programs are running.

I cannot stress the importance of closing programs that you are not using. To do this, go into the program that is running, click the menu button, then select close.

Remember to CLOSE your apps when you are done....Pushing the red button does NOT close an app!!

Thumb Print Lock

Yet another cool phone locking app...This one Reads your thumb print.
Thanks to the G man in Surprise for this one!!

Cell Phone Karma

If only this happened in real life!


This is an awesome site!! Free Videos, already formatted in .3gp format. You gotta download from your computer...

But after that, hook your device up to your laptop...then drag and drop onto your phone!!

So many vids including CSI Miami, Scrubs, Lost, and lots LOTS More!!

Click here for Free Videos Site

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stay Tuned!! Data Dude Storm Icon Coming!!!

Get Excited!! T Master Yoda has developed a Data Dude Icon for your Blackberry!!!!
My dreams have come true!!
Once Mayhem can figure out how I can post it on here...I will be sharing it soon.
Lets all give praise to T Master Yoda for his amazing development skills!!

Slide Lock for Storm

Cool Locking Application...Similair to the one on the "phone I refuse to mention"
Slide Lock For Storm OTA Download:

This is too Funny Not to Post!! Bathroom Finder!!

So who would have EVER thought there would be an app for this?!?!?!\

you can even SAVE toilet locations!!! HAHA!!

here is the OTA Link:

Sit or Squat Storm Download

Sit or Squat 4.2 and above Download (Curve, Pearl, Etc...)


This Rocks!!!

New Blue Tooth Headset announced!!

Only takes a few years and lots of pain...and one major scar!!

Questions for the Data Dude??

Questions?? Requests?? Find something cool you want to share???

email me!!


I'll be honest I really don't understand the whole "Twitter" thing...But you can now do it on your Blackberry.

Here is the OTA Link:

Twitter Download

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talk Lock...SO HELPFUL!!!!

This app is so awesome...if you only download one from this site...make this one it!!!

Locks the screen on phone calls so you don't "accidentally" hit mute, or speaker phone.

Here is the OTA Link: helpful

Talk Lock Download

Marble Storm Aztec Adventures...Game

Cool game using accelerometer...Still in Beta testing so there could be bugs.

Tilt the phone to guide the ball through the maze.

Marble Storm OTA Link here:

Marble Storm Download

OLD SCHOOL!!!!! aka My first Blackberry :)

I felt a bit of homage needed to paid to the original (OG) Blackberry 7250.

The device that coined the term "Crackberry"

No Camera
Limited Internet
Zero Multimedia

This is the first Blackberry I owned (not the first one to exist mind you) so take a second to honor the one that started it all.

An email powerhouse!!!


Golfers...Your welcome...

Quite possibly one of the most awesome apps available for the Blackberry. Uses GPS to track your shots, and tell you how far you are from the front, center, and back of the green.

First 5 plays are FREE...Price per year...JUST $35.

sign up using the link provided for your Trial

Green Finder Download

Guitar Tuner Rocks!!

Guitar Tuner App for your Blackberry.

download OTA here:

Guitar Tuner

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If movies had cell phones

They showed this at the Verizon Kick off meeting...Pretty awesome

and of course...the most popular computer game ever!! Solytare!!

Simple...But fun...Solitaire Game

Enough said...OTA Link here:

Download to mobile

Games??? We got Games!!

Basically Tetris...But you tilt the phone using the accelerometer to make the pieces go left or right...Give the screen a swipe left or right to turn the pieces.

OTA Link:

Download to mobile

Google Apps Galore!!

If your a Blackberry definitely want to check out some of the amazing apps that google has to offer....FOR FREE!!

Google Sync-
Synchronize your Contacts and Calendar with your Blackberry...Great backup tool!!
OTA Link here:

Google Sync Download

Youtube app- The name says it all...Simple app that makes watching youtube vids a breeze!
OTA Link here:

Youtube Download


Storm Piano

Pretty cool piano app...worth checking out.

OTA Link here:

Storm Piano

Cell phones...truly the last thing to go!!

I think this picture speaks for itself :)

Slacker Streaming Radio..AWESOME!!!

This app is so cool!! Its a streaming radio app where you can pick custom channels and listen to music.
Download the Storm app here OTA at:

Then go to:
to register for free!!

Mobile Banking App with Bank of America

Check your Funds on the Run with this awesome Mobile Banking App from Bank of America.

Download OTA here:

B of A Download

That Was Easy!!

Great Stress Reliever!!

The Staples "that was easy" Button OTA link:

Cool Storm Wallpapers

Couple of cool Wallpaper Sites.
From your Storm.
From your Computer.
Cool App for your Storm OTA Download.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Appleberry Theme for Storm

Very cool theme for your Storm...
Download OTA Here:

Etch a Sketch

Use your finger to draw fun designs...turn over and shake to clear screen.

OTA Link:

Etch a Sketch Download

Cell Phone Reunion

So Funny!!

check out these and more at:

All kinds of Videos...ALREADY FORMATTED!

Light Saber App

Just like Luke Skywalker had!!! Makes crash sounds, and vibrates as you wave can even change color by swiping left or right.

Download OTA by clicking:

Lightsaber Download



Stay posted for updates, apps, help with your devices, and more!!!