Thursday, April 30, 2009


By far my FAVORITE Feature that Verizon offers. $14.99 a month, unlimited downloads, 6 million songs, and you can share it with 3 people.

Stay tuned for a how to Video on this that is in the works.

Until then grab it here from your PC:

Rhapsody Download Page


Etch a Sketch for Storm

Wanted to Re-Post of an Awesome Storm App:

Download Storm Etch a Sketch OTA


How to Downgrade you Blacberry OS

With all these Operating System's flying around daily...Sometimes you want to revert back to an older one.
Here are the Steps to Downgrade your Blackberry:
1. Delete the newer OS from your PC by going to Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs.
2. When that's done, simply plug in your device, open Desktop Manager and run Application Loader.
3. Then go to Update Software.
4. From here a series of Yes's will Downgrade the software to the basic version.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Screen Lock for Storm...Free one

Due to the other Screen lock now costing $2.99

I found this one for free. But it does not let you unlock the screen once your on the call.


Pacman For Blacberry Curve/ Pearl

Pacman for Curve and Pearl...Need I say more??


I Love Blackberry...This one might make you sad

I love Blackberry monitors your Blackberry usage...and tells you how much of your life you have dedicated to your lovely Blackberry device.

Check it out OTA here:

I am a little scared to find out how often I'm on it!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just gettin back and catching up..

Data Dude followers...I was on vaca for the weekend so I will be rushing to answer all of your emails today.
I shoulda posted this before I left...sorry!!
Stay tuned for more today!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facebook 1.5 already gets an update

I absolutely LOVE the new Facebook 1.5 update....But they have already made it even better.

Check out the update OTA here:

Download Facebook 1.5 update



Barack Obama is getting a “souped-up, high security BlackBerry for use in and around the White House and during presidential travel.” The device is a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition, with some incredible security tweaks, like allowing it to have access to the NSA.

It's good to know that even the president knows that Blackberries on the Verizon Network..ARE THE BEST!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

217k texts=$26k phone bill...I thought T mobile had unlimmited text?!!? HAHA!!

Two men in Philadelphia attempted to go for the world record in text messaging each other and got up to 217,000!!!

Even though the two thought that they were on unlimited text plans with T-Mobile, one still recieved a bill for $26,000. Ouch!! In fact, the bill was so large that it cost $26. just to ship it!!

Get the full story here

Great job T-Mobile!! HAHA!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are you looking for space to promote your Themes or Apps

Looking for a place to post your themes..apps...or whatever???

Let the Data Dude know!! I have been working with a few theme builders and would be happy to promote your themes...and websites on the Data Dude!!

Let me know!!

You stay classy...and thanks for stopping by...Planet Earth

facebook 1.5 app review

We all know that Facebook is the new Myspace...HAHA!!

The new Facebook App 1.5 doesn't disapoint. It fully integrates with you phones contact list allowing you to easily upload your friends Facebook profile pics to your contacts...very cool!!

You do still have to go to the internet to look at a friends profile...but now you do not have to login everytime...which is very nice.

Lastly you can easily request phone numbers and also integrate those numbers into your contact list on your phone.

I highly recommend taking a look.

Download Facebook 1.5 OTA here


New Facebook 1.5 for Blackberry OUT NOW!!!

An upgrade to the the existing Facebook app for Blackberry Storm/ Curve/ and Pearl.
Major upgrades from what I hear...I am downloading it now and will have a full report of all the awesome stuff it can do later.
Check it out OTA here:

If you haven't gotten it yet....GET IT!!

In my car, at my office, at the gym, while I'm jogging....This app ROCKS!!!!
Music is high quality, there is virtually no lag time between songs, and it is easy to pause then come back to later.
If you have a Blackberry....YOU NEED THIS APP!!
Get it OTA here:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Banking Banking Banking...Re-Post

I wanted to re-post the Wells Fargo and Bank of America Launcher icons for Blackberry.

Wells Fargo OTA here:

Download Wells Fargo Launcher icon for Blackberry

Bank of America OTA here:

Download Bank of America Launcher icon for Blackberry


Pedometer for Storm!!!

Is there anything that the Storm can't do???? Now it can track your mileage with this AWESOME pedometer app.

Check it out here:

Download Pedometer for Storm app here

Ger yer step on!!

Snapple Cap app for Storm

That Rhymes!!

Anyways...Remember poppin Snapple lids when you were a kid? Now you can all the time on your Storm.

Download OTA Snapple app here


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leapord OS Theme for Storm

My man Colton Hagen put this Mac Theme together for the Storm...and it looks pretty Sweet!!

Download OTA Here

Check out his youtube page at:

and if you would like to put something up on The Data me!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

How is my site working?

Sometimes old links disappear and things change.

If you find this happening on my site...LET ME KNOW!! I LOVE TO GET FEEDBACK!!

Also, the Phone Lock app is no longer free. But it can be purchased from app world for $1.99

Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Cool Stuff....EMAIL ME!!


Quick Pull for Storm

This a great app for Storm. Allows you to do a soft reset without taking the battery out of the phone.

FYI...Soft resets are totally normal, and should be done weekly to help the phone operate at it's maximum potential.

Download Quick Pull OTA Here

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Youtube for PDA

Follow this app for a Mobile Youtube app for your PDA device.

Download OTA youtube app here


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whole Nutha Level...Wow...

Wow...Some dude tattoo'd the App World Logo on himself...No its not me!!
That is megatron dedication!!

Southwest Mobile PDA Link

Did you know that you can check in directly from your PDA??
This is not a Launcher icon...But bookmark this link. It will save you a bunch of time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Qik...Someone needs to help a brotha out on a review for this one!!

This app apparently is like Flickr for Videos. It allows you to stream, upload videos directly from your Storm/ or Blackberry directly to the web.

Download Qik OTA Click here

Ok...I will be playing with this one today, but I will be out of town from now until Sunday. Can someone please play around with this and give me the scoop??

Thanks....Email me by clicking here:

Don't worry I'll still be posting some gems here and there.

Pandora now available on Storm!!!


This app Rocks!!

Download OTA here:

Poynt GPS App

Check out this different GPS app for your Blackberry

Really good directory and also quite colorful.

Download Poynt GPS app OTA here

Poynt GPS

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Say hello to my little Theme....for Windows Mobile

All I have in this world is my...Well you know the rest

Download Scarface Theme for Windows Mobile OTA here

Nintendo for Windows Mobile

I used to rock this app back in the day on my Moto Q. Now it's back!! Pocket Nester will allow you to play Nintendo Rom files on your Windows Mobile Phone.

Cool thing is you can now get the app OTA (Way easier than before)

As far as i know you need a Windows Mobile Phone with Buttons...Like the Touch Pro or Saga or Moto Q. It does not work on the Omnia as far as I know.

Make sure you download the Unlock app for Windows Mobile I had posted earlier first.

Download Pocket Nester for Touch Screen Windows Mobile here

Download Pocket Nester for non Touch Screen Windows Mobile here

Get your Nintendo Rom Games here!!

Link to Lots of Free Nintendo ROM Files Here

Enjoy this one!!!

Touch Pro Vibrate Feedback

This app is great for the Touch Pro users out there. It causes the screen to give a quick vibrate when you touch it.

Gives you a more "button like" feel.

Download Touch Pro Vibrate Feedback OTA

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Google Sync...Must Have!!! Re-Post

I cannot stress how awesome Google Sync is!! It backs up your contacts and calendar "over the air" to your Gmail account.

This is a GREAT way to back up your info.

Google Sync is FREE and only requires a FREE Gmail account...(are you getting the hint yet that you should be signing up for a Gmail account??)

Google has a lot of great stuff for PDA's this one is the best!!

Download Google Sync OTA for your Blackberry or Windows Mobile Device here:

Download Google Sync


Dickie Data is Crankin out the hits!!!

Here is a Ringtone for my FAVORITE Dickie Data Song...5 bucks a week!!!

Download 5 "bucks a week" ringtone

Windows Live for all PDA's

For those of you that are currently using Windows Live (or if you have an MSN or Hotmail email address) This is a great all in one app.

Perform Searches, GPS look ups and more.

Available for all Blacberry and Windows Mobile phones.

Click this link to direct you to download screen


Storm = 4.7 platform

Curve/ Pearl = 4.5 platform

Older than that = 4.2


Dickie Data Ringtone Re-Post

Here is the link for the "i am a big storm fan" Ringtone:

Download "i am a big storm fan" ringtone

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Data Dude/ Dickie Data Ringtones out now!!!

Check out the first single from Dickie Hill Productions and make it your ringtone!!

Download "I am a big storm fan" ringtone

Sirius Radio on your Windows Mobile Device

There are still some pretty awesome Windows Mobile Apps out there. This is one of my favorites!!

I absolutely LOVE Sirius Satellite Radio (Check out Jason Ellis on the Faction 28 1-5 pm pacific time...Adult Content so be advised)

Stream Sirius directly to your Windows Moble device with this app.

Download Sirius App for Windows Mobile

File Lock

Lets face it...There are times when you really want to show off stuff on your Blackberry...But Not EVERYTHING that's on your Blackberry.

That's where File lock comes in. It allows you to lock files on your phone so that no one can see your personal stuff (pics, videos, etc...)

Check it out on your Blackberry Device here:

File Lock OTA Download for Blackberry

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Windows Mobile Users!!!

Windows mobile users!! Fear Not!!! For the Data Dude has been tirelessly searching the web for Cool Windows Mobile apps and he has just recently found a bunch!!

First though....Download this attached file....It will allow your Windows mobile device to accept 3rd party software apps...

Download this file to Unlock you Windows Mobile Device

Stay Tuned For the Mother Lode!!!!!

Ticketmaster for Blackberry

Very cool easy way to get tickets directly from your Blackberry.

Follow this link to get it on your Blackberry:

Ticketmaster Download

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lights out Game.

Very cool Mine Sweeper Like game for storm.
Enjoy OTA Below:

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tired of having to type in all the time???

No more..Link below will take you straight to The Data Dude!!

Data Dude Icon Download click here!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

For the ladies...

Hello Kitty Theme for Storm:

Download here

Blackberry Appworld Update

Appworld already has a software update available.

So Download it again if you already have downloaded it here:

Or check it out if you haven't

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Data Dude Needs You!!!!!

Questions...Comments...Find Cool Stuff?....What can i do better???

I want to know!!!

Just click on the email link and tell me what's on your mind...

Thanks to all of my faithful Dude Followers!!!

Espanol Followers....

That's right Data Dude followers...we are rocking it in Spanish also...

Check out Chido Mobil here:

Buena Suerte!!

Bolt Browser

Data Dude followers....If your looking for an alternative to Opera it is.
Not full flash...but I was able to save a customer today because this browser displayed her company's website flawlessly.
Works on all Blackberrys
Try it out here OTA:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If you haven't checked it yet...DICKIE DATA ROCKS!!

I absolutely love this song!!!

Check it on your PDA here:

5 bucks a week video link

Check out the Dickie Data and the Megahertz Myspace page at

Shenanigans to you Crackberry!!!

If you read this...and believed got duped!!!
The mighty Storm will Rage on!!!! Check out App World!!!!
So settle down faithful Storm Followers....were not going anywhere!!!