Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Uber Twitter app for Blackberry

The Uber Twitter app has been updated...too add more Twittery type stuff...Again I really don't understand Twitter all that much but you can follow the Data Dudes Twitter by clicking on the link on my site!!


  1. Two Thumbs Up !!! Well, compared to TwiterBerry - I like it much better and will be deleting the TwitterBerry App. - Get it while It's Hot !!!

  2. I like it so much better than TwitterBerry - I'm going to delete my TwitterBerry App. - 2 Big Thumbs Up !!! Much better graphics and oppitions. Get it while it's hot.

  3. I downloaded this app the other day for my curve and it rocks. I had been looking for a decent relatively bug-free app and this is great. I forgot the original site I found it on though. I did notice that when I googled it that ubertwitter is a site that offers a free AND a paid version. What's the difference in the pay version except that it makes me a few dollars poorer? I'm not missing whatever it might be so far.

    I tried twitterberry, too, like Jnewton above said. I found it really slow and unreliable. I deleted it as well.

    Found your blog by going a few pages deeper into google and I'm really glad that I did! Looks like you have some interesting stuff on here. I'll get your RSS's. Feel free to come on by my site! :)